With Charity status, and operating as a Not for Profit organisation, means we have to keep an extremely tight and keen focus on costs.  Which is a very hard balancing act, when you want to raise as much as you can, to invest that back into the Club and ultimately the Children.


So you will not be surprised that we will look at all available means to benefit the Club and the Children.  Therefore you will see that we do carry out:


  • Adhoc and regular Fund Raising activities.

  • Actively seek and apply for applicable grants

  • Consider and participate in Fundraising Initiatives (like the Co-op Local Community Fund)

  • Collecting via the "easyfunding" Cashback site (click on logo at bottom of page)

  • We will always warmly consider donations of any form put before us.


Down the left hand side of this page, you will see some activities relating to Funding that we are involved in.  Please take a moment to read through these, and where applicable help us with our cause!  We do appreciate all the help we can get.