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Bellsmyre School Campus schools

The collection of your child(ren) when they are scheduled to attend our After School Care, is our responsibility. It should be a seemless and well oiled task. We do a lot of planning and prep work each day to ensure this.  

But please do your part and let us in advance if your Child is ill, or has not to be picked up at the school by us (for whatever reason).


All other schools

At present we are not able to do pickups at any other schools.  If you wish to register interest, please click on the 'Registration of Interest' link on the left hand pane, and with enough interest, we can certainly re-consider.

We are however more than happy to accommodate your child(ren), irrespective of the school they attend if you arrange the necessary transport / transfer from the school to us. Local taxi providers have been happy to accomodate this type of situation in the past.