Got time to spare?  At a loose end?  Wanting to be charitable and help out?  Ever considered volunteering for a worthwhile cause?  Well, we always appreciate all offers of help and assistance.  


General operation

We sometimes are on the look out for assistance in mobilising the children from the 4 schools we currently pick up from, back to the Club.  Is this something you could do?  Whether regularly, if and when required, or only on specific days?  We would love to hear from you  to discuss, irrespective of how little or how much you can offer.  Remember, every little bit does help and we appreciate whatever you can offer.


Specific skills

If you have specific skills e.g. plumbing, joinery, electrical, painting & decorating, financial auditing, book-keeping, IT, etc., and would like to donate some of your time and effort to assist us, if and when applicable, again we'd love to hear from you! :-)


Activity Based / Coaching

If you have activity based skills, that you think our Children would be interested in e.g. Sports related, Dancing, Scientific, Arts & Crafts, etc., and would be interesting in donating some of your time and expertise, again we'd love to hear from you!